instant3Dhub for Teams.
3D collaboration made easy.

Share and work on 3D instantly with multiple users.

instant3Dhub for MS Teams out now!

Visualize and share your complex 3D models

Immerse yourself in your designs and gain a deeper understanding with our intuitive visualization tool. See your 3D data come to life, allowing you to analyze and explore every detail effortlessly.

Simply collaborate

Effortless Sharing and Presentation: With instant3Dhub, sharing and presenting your 3D models becomes a breeze. Seamlessly showcase your work to other meeting members, enabling productive discussions and valuable feedback. Keep everyone engaged and informed throughout the conversation.

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Collaborate with anyone

Stay in sync with everyone. Follow specific meeting attendees or present your view to everyone. Remote work with 3D models get's possible with instant3Dhub. No matter where you are keep your communication going.

Enhance Communication with 3D Annotation

Bring your ideas to life by sketching directly on the 3D geometry. With our 3D annotation feature, you can provide precise feedback and markups, facilitating clear communication and eliminating misunderstandings.

instant3Dhub for MS Teams Enterprise

When it comes to industrial usage of 3D data companies face multiple challenges. Security is a top concern, as 3D models often contain sensitive or proprietary information. Intellectual property rights management is also crucial to ensure ownership and control over designs. Scaling 3D applications for large teams is complex and resource-intensive, and some applications require specialized expertise, limiting their accessibility for non-technical users.

Schedule a meeting to learn more about how instant3Dhub for MS Teams Enterprise addresses these issues.

Keep your data secure. No Uploads!
Deliver 3D from any backend to your end user.
Start leveraging 3D in every use case.
Integrate with any PLM-System

Thomas Barthel
Business Development

Microsoft Azure Marketplace offer for easy deploy.

Threedy announced the availability of instant3Dhub, the first visual-computing-as-a-service platform, for seamless use on Azure. Threedy customers can now take advantage of the efficient and productive Azure cloud platform with streamlined deployment and management.

With instant3Dhub at Azure, Threedy customers can implement scalable 3D apps faster, with even lower infrastructure costs and scale up or down flexibly the installation as business needs arise.

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