Global apps, smart services and real-time data Initial Visualisation-as-a-Service (VaaS) Requirements

Continuous Platform Evolution VaaS & instant3Dhub relation

For many years the BMW Group has relied on instant3Dhub as core technology to build their internal VaaS platform. The instant3Dhub platform provides the most comprehensive package, standing out from the competition and fulfilling all initial requirements.

  • Global solution to support a growing number of internal and external Apps and use cases
  • Smart services to enable more devices (e.g. mobile) while improving the performance and minimising infrastructure and deployment costs
  • Structuring of 3D data as real time data composition, without any explicit upload or preparation processes

The partner demonstrated their strong commitment for a growing number of use cases at the prostep ivip conference 2017.

Last Transformation Step Moving VaaS into the Cloud

The initial VaaS solution was deployed as a micro-service stack on on-premise infrastructure components. This solution was connected to a local network of data gateways providing live 3D data integration.

Over the last years, the BMW Group in general has moved to a "Cloud First" strategy for their internal and external IT building blocks. Therefore, it is a natural transition for VaaS to utilise such cloud components directy to scale even better following next level requirements.

The current productive iteration moves all instant3Dhub and gateway components to the cloud-native technology following Threedy's general strategical development path.

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