The Industrial Metaverse

The Industrial Metaverse represents a groundbreaking concept that harmoniously connects the digital and physical realms, offering an extraordinary chance to elevate customer experiences and achieve measurable business results. By harnessing the potential of Digital Twins, organizations gain the ability to visualize their industrial assets, access crucial information and facilitate real-time interactions. This immersive environment creates a seamless platform for remote collaboration, monitoring, analysis, and effective management of tangible assets within your systems. 

3D data challenges

Technology barriers for industrial metaverse applications are a challenge. Providing massive industrial 3D data with scaling capabilities, seamless integration, collaboration features for effective teamwork, security measures, and cost-effectiveness are challenging but necessary requirements. 

The biggest challenge lies in effectively bringing massive industrial 3D data, along with business and metadata, into the applications and making it accessible to everyone throughout the entire product life cycle. 

3D data at scale with instant3Dhub

Our innovative technology, instant3Dhub, is our response to the multitude of challenges when implementing 3D data into industrial metaverse applications.  

instant3Dhub, has emerged as the perfect solution to overcome the numerous challenges associated with integrating 3D data into the industrial metaverse. Through the collaboration between Threedy and Siemens on the Sidrive IQ X-Ray, a digital platform for drive systems and solutions, we have demonstrated the capabilities of our solution by meeting the demanding requirements of industrial metaverse applications. 

instant3Dhub integration in Siemens SIDRIVE IQ X-Ray

By integrating our technology into the Siemens SIDRIVE IQ X-Ray platform and utilizing our hybrid distributed compute model, we enable the streaming of massive 3D data to the entire product value chain, making it accessible for everyone and transforming it into interactive experiences on any device. This means that complex 3D models, which were once challenging, time-consuming, and costly to render on various devices due to their exceptional richness and level of detail, can now be effortlessly streamed, shared and collaborated on.

Consequently, this advancement enables effortless collaboration on complex 3D models across all stages of the value chain. From planning and design, through production, installation, and commissioning, to operations, service, and sales - the possibilities are endless.

Furthermore, the incorporation of instant3Dhub into Sidrive IQ X-ray has significantly reduced the time and effort required to address customer-specific inquiries. Additionally, it has opened new use case scenarios, including enhanced maintenance assistance and IoT data visualization. Early users of AR/VR devices such as HoloLens 2 can already gain an exciting glimpse into the possibilities of the industrial metaverse of the future.  

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