From DMU to collaborative XR Sessions New Engineering Feature for your Apps

instant3Dhub's outstanding architecture brings together the best of engineering tools and cutting-edge cloud technologies. This allows any application developer to go beyond visualisation and access data at all levels facilitating massive 3D assemblies on desktop, mobile and XR devices. The 3.2 release extends instant3Dhub's core services delivering even more engineering features for existing and new applications.

New Features and Updates

  • Multi-CAD and format negotiation support within a single gateway
  • Unified point, edge and face addressing model for mesh and BREP data
  • Queries on advanced PMI configuration
  • Advanced clipping planes with capping and measurement support
  • Improved model-tracking performance and features
  • Extended 3D Space API
  • Collaborative Sessions with 3D data authorisation per user
Collaborative Sessions with 3D data authorisation per user
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