3D Spaces with Custom and Standard apps XR Collaboration with new iOS App

A major USP of instant3Dhub has always been the broad support for very different technology stacks, such as web technology, game engines or native C++ to support custom application development. Complementary, building on the concept of shared 3D Spaces, we plan to provide an increasing number of standard runtime environments for different platforms, such as iOS, HoloLens or Windows, publicly available through respective app stores. As a first, the official instant3Dhub iOS app becomes available with this Q4 release of 2021.

The app bridges web-based applications and device APIs to make sensor data like video streams or camera pose (e.g ARKit SLAM-Pose) information usable for local compute or even to be shared in a 3D Space, e.g. enabling users to become remote spectators in collaborative sessions.

New Feature and Updates

  • Official iOS App for iPhone and iPad released
  • VR Windows App with Session and 3D Space support (Alpha)
  • Media/Video Streaming in Collaborative Session (e.g spectators in AR Session)
  • Improved visuals with opaque and transparent parts
  • Improved cache generation in managed cloud environments
  • Improved Helm Chart integration flow
  • Improved JT legacy support
  • Extensive Documentation overhaul including videos and tutorials
Spectator User with a shared video stream from an iOS App
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