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After a few releases with minor UI/API changes in the web client, in the last release planned for 2022, a larger UI overhaul and API cleanup are included. The general UI/API refinements provides a solid foundation for further planned improvements in 2023/2024. 

There are currently no breaking changes but some APIs are deprecated. Check the migration guide for details. 

New Features and Updates

  • The look & feel of the web-UI elements are improved

  • New DrawingAPI

  • New TopologyAPI 

  • Added monitoring capabilities with Prometheus & Grafana

  • Improved the stability of queries

  • Fixed a crash with specific glTF files

  • Fixed an issue with relative links in some CAD formats

  • Fixed an issue with geometry instantiation from NX files

  • Fixed loading issues of some dgn models 

  • Fixed topology visualisation with CATIA files 

Refined 2D UI with new 3D Markups
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