Joint presentation with Mercedes-Benz AG @ prostep ivip symposium: Industrial AR Clouds on Open Standards

Industrial AR Clouds allow the fusion of digital and real product experiences and thus make it possible to experience the Digital Twin in interactive environments. An intelligent combination of open standards such as JT, WebXR and other web interfaces are key for an efficient and cost-effective implementation in distributed industrial environments to make industrial 3D data and IoT sensor data available in a multi-device or multi-user scenario.

Initial use cases and requirements From Downstream Viewing to Custom Apps

Mercedes-Benz AG has been using instant3Dhub integrated with their PDM for several years an a growing number of use cases and applications. This initial requirements included the following features: 

  • High Data Volume: Visualization of multiple vehicles and scenes, fast rendering and DMU features, e.g. cutting, clipping

  • Mobile Access: Seamless access anywhere (e.g. office, shop floor, .), Multi-Device, Zero-Footprint

  • Service Solution: No file transfer, Viewing-as-a-Service, Secure data transfer 

Ongoing transition Utilization of 3D data throughout the whole business

Recent years are driven by new use cases and requirements, foremost the need to make 3D PDM data available throughout the full organization and to a growing user base to create and experience the Digital Twin. The necessary flexibiltiy to easily enable new use cases without the need of developing new applications, even in Mixed Reality scenarios is achieved by:      

  • Custom Apps and Extendibility: Use case specific applications can provide their own functionalities

  • Seamless Support for Mixed Reality: Usage of AR and VR features without the need for data conversion 

  • Supplier Integration and Collaboration: Provisioning of secure and specific data access to external partners  

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