Threedy & BMW Group AG present at prostep ivip 2022 Streamlining design workflows with user-centric, adaptive and collaborative 3D spaces

Within automotive development, the geometric design process is a highly collaborative and iterative effort. Typically, the process relies on expert CAD-systems and different workflow management tools. Heterogenous tool landscapes and missing interfaces lead to inefficiencies in the process, in particular at handovers between team members.

At prostep's ivip conference in Stuttgart, we presented an integrated geometric design workflow based on open 3D standards (e.g. JT-Open, STEP242) and BMW Group's custom-developed web-based collaboration tool “3DConcepts” built on a direct interface to a single encompassing workflow management system. Persistent 3D Spaces allow to configure any number of 3D data elements for online and offline collaboration.

3DC built on 3D Spaces Benefits

The novel approach provides multiple benefits within a single web-scale architecture. High-performance web-visualization enables collaboration on massive CAD and 3D data files across multiple devices and locations. 3DC's intuitive and minimalistic user interface boosts enterprise-wide user adoption and lowers entry barrier for experts and non-experts alike. Conceptual geometric work is enhanced by intuitive 3D markup features, e.g. sketching and annotating on 3D models, Persistent 3D Spaces, session sharing and live collaboration with a direct interface to workflow management system enables seamless handoffs between team members and accelerates iteration cycles. Integrated meta data enriches geometric data with context-relevant functional data for faster information access.

We will provide the full prensetation recording when it becomes available. 

3D Concept application built on 3D Spaces
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