Leverage Key Business Values With a Simple And Unified Architecture

Benefits & Values of the instant3Dhub

Increase Efficiency with 3D Streaming

Our novel 3D Streaming architecture scales your experience for any device and platform:

  • Global end-to-end quality control

  • Smart & on-the-fly distribution of compute

  • No need for explicit asset preprocessing 

  • Zerostart-up time & Unlimited data size

Collaborate Spatially with 3D Spaces

Utilize our built-in 3D Spaces to share your 3D context

  • Simply start from any application

  • Collaborate or remotely support your Co-workers, Suppliers or Customers

  • Support for Multi-User and Multi-Device Sensarious

  • Check out your 3D Space and take your session offline

Reduce Costs with Live 3D Data Links

Easily integrate with any existing PLM/PDM data backends, storages or Digital Twin infrastructures

  • No additional management platform, data uploading or explicit preprocessing 

  • Increase Security using live 3D Data links Supporting a „single data truth“ for all your applications

  • Reduce development & productiteration costs from MVP to product with out switching technologies

  • Integrate and Automate once using 3D Spaces

Device and Platform freedom for managed apps

Get the most out of your 3D data and bring your business to any device  

  • No size or hardware limitations

  • Mobile, desktop and XR-Best

  • Best performance with platform-specific boosters

Build and extend custom apps easily

Use unified 3D Space APIs to extend existing ones or build new apps

  • Speed up your development cycles and save costs

  • Easily integrate for existing application

  • Fastly iterate from first MVP to product for new applications without switching technologies

  • Bring your apps to arbitrary platforms with 3D Spaces

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