Any Data

Address your original 3D and CAD data in its full complexity. No restrictions, not even for highly dynamic scenarios with continouos data modification and distribution

Compose 3D Spaces from Your Live 3D Data

The easiest method to enrich your apps with 3D data is by referencing it using URIs which are translated to static or even dynamic service interfaces. These interfaces provide authorisation, change-managment and multi-format support based on HTTP standards.        

  • urn:part:2342334

  • urn:datalake:object:3:revision:4



  • https://team-center-gateway.local?bomID=“7384”

Your Data Drives the Service Flow Data Driven Interface Provisioning

Our simple yet powerful architecture builds on well established RFC2616/HTTP1.1 and RFC2077/3D-Model standards. This allows solution builders to integrate additional data or service layers on the fly without additional registration, installation or API dependencies. 


  • URI Validation

  • Service Matching

  • Cache Referencing


  • Authorisation

  • Revision Matching

  • Representation and Format Negotiation


  • Spatial Indexing 

  • Meta Data Indexing 

  • Hierachical Link Referencing

Move from single files to multi-CAD, multi-data and multi-service setups

We Interface Your Service Data Interfacing Standards

The basic architecture allows the integration of various data and API gateway structures which provide different security, distribution and domain aspects 

  • Apache Server/Proxy/Gateway with/without OAuth 

  • Nginx Server/Proxy/Gateway with/without OAuth

  • S3 Server and gateways 

  • AWS Gateways 

  • API-Gateway with kubernetes/docker backend

  • API-Gateway with docker/dockerswarm backend

  • TeamCenter Gateway with FCS Backend 

We Index Your data Data Representation Standards

instant3Dhub Format list
Name Version Spec Owner & Reference Service Negotiation Key 3D:Object 3D:Link
X3D Binary V3.2 ISO/IEC IS 19775-1:2013 Web3D Consortium model/x3d+fastinfoset Multi Any
X3D Classic V3.2 ISO/IEC IS 19775-1:2013 Web3D Consortium model/x3d-vrml Multi Any
X3D XML V3.2 ISO/IEC IS 19775-1:2013 Web3D Consortium model/x3d+xml Multi Any
VRML V2.0 ISO/IEC IS 14772 Web3D Consortium model/vrml Multi Any
GLTF Binary V2.0 ISO/IEC 12113:2022 Khronos Group model/gltf-binary Mesh Any (EXT)
GLTF JSON V2.0 ISO/IEC 12113:2022 Khronos Group model/gltf+json Mesh Any (EXT)
3mf V1.0 Online 3MF Consortium model/3mf Mesh
obj V1.0 Online Wavefront Technologies model/obj Mesh
stl V1.0 Online 3D Systems model/stl Mesh
Collada V1.5 Online Khronos Group model/vnd.collada+xml Mesh Domain
OpenSG V2.0 Online OpenSG Forum model/vnd.opensg Multi Domain
fbx V7.4 Toolkit Autodesk model/vnd.fbx Multi
3ds V1.1 Online Autodesk model/vnd.3ds Multi
ply V1.0 Online Stanford University model/vnd.ply Mesh
off V1.0 Online Princeton University model/ Mesh
iges V5.3 NBSIR 80-1978 NIST model/iges Multi Domain
step AP203, AP214, AP242 ISO 10303-21 Prostep Step IF model/step Multi Domain
step+xml AP203, AP214, AP242 ISO 10303-21 Prostep Step IF model/step+xml Any
step+zip AP203, AP214, AP242 ISO 10303-21 Prostep Step IF model/step+zip Multi Domain
step-xml+zip AP203, AP214, AP242 ISO 10303-21 Prostep Step IF model/step-xml+zip Any
OpenJT 6.4 to 10.3 ISO 14306:2012 Prosetep JT IF model/JT Multi Domain
IFC 2x3 & 2x4 & 4 add1 ISO 16739-1:2018 buildingSMART model/vnd.ifc Multi
KBL V2.0 VDA 4964 VDA model/vnd.kbl Multi
PLMXML 4 & 6 Closed Siemens PLM model/vnd.plmxml Domain
RVM ROL Closed AVEVA model/vnd.aveva.rvm Multi
ACIS Up to 2019 1.0 Closed Spatial model/vnd.dassault.acis Multi Domain
CATIA V4 3D 4.15 to 4.24 Closed CATIA model/vnd.dassault.catia.V4 Multi Domain
CATIA V5 3D R10 to V5-6R2020 (R30) Closed CATIA model/vnd.dassault.catia.V5 Multi Domain
CATIA V6 / 3DEXPERIENCE 3D R2010x to R2020x Closed CATIA model/vnd.dassault.catia.V6 Multi Domain
Microstation DGN V7 to V8 Closed Microstation model/vnd.dgn Multi
DWG / DXF 3D 2.5 to 2018 Closed AutoCAD model/vnd.autodesk.dxf Multi
Parasolid V7 to V32 Closed Siemens Parasolid model/vnd.parasolid.transmit.binary Multi Domain
ProE / Creo Parametric 3D 2000i to Creo 7.0 Closed Siemens PLM model/ Multi Domain
Autodesk Revit 2015 to 2021 Closed REVIT model/vnd.autodesk.revit Multi Domain
Rhino 4 to 6 Closed Rhino model/vnd.rhino.3dm Multi
Solid Edge 3D 10 to 2020 Closed Solid Edge model/vnd.solidedge Multi Domain
SOLIDWORKS 3D 2009 to 2020 Closed Solidworks model/vnd.solidworks Multi Domain
Siemens UG NX 3D 15 to NX 1919 Closed Siemens NX model/vnd.siemens.nx.prt Multi Domain
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