Any Device

Adaptive recognition of device classes, from workstations to mobile and MR devices. Any target platform – web-based, native or Java – for VR, AR, touch and desktop systems.

Interactive Experiences on Any Device

We bring your live data to any device without any manual preparation, device specific adaption or explicit data provisioning to the device. Use our managed apps to start instantly or build and extend custom apps with powerful APIs. 

Managed Apps

  • Zero install

  • Data and custom logic in the cloud

  • Automatic online/offline transition

Custom Apps

  • Custom installation

  • Business logic on clients or in the cloud

  • Explicit online/offline transition

Run Managed Apps as Plug&Play

Get the most out of your 3D data and bring your business to any device.

  • No size or hardware limitations

  • Mobile, desktop and mixed-reality. 

  • Use build-in 3D Spaces for collaboration 

  • Add your own logic with client and server plug-ins 

  • Iterate from MVP to production without additional costs 

Boost Your Managed Apps

Install optional booster and fat-clients for additional features and performance. 

  • Install boosters from regular app stores.

  • Switch between web- and fat-clients with a single click.

  • Take your apps offline using local data and services.

Standard web-App with iOS booster and remote model tracking service
Data is Property of Siemens LD

Managed App Platform Support

Managed App

Windows VR/Desk

macOS Desk

iOS Ar/Touch

Android AR/Touch

Hololens AR


++, WebVR




+, WebXR



Offline Mode







Local data



Local service


Sensor Fusion

++ (ARKit)


Build and Extend Custom Apps Easily

Extend existing applications or build new solutions with a wide range of client APIs.

  • Speed up your development cycles and save costs.

  • Easily integrate with existing applications.

  • Bring your apps to arbitrary platforms.

Use 3D Spaces with Custom Apps

3D Spaces are our powerful feature to support multi-device & multi-user requirements.

  • Synchronize data and state for managed and unmanaged apps

  • Start to collaborate or integrate with your process.

  • Interface using events and global IO streams

Live 3D Streaming for UNREAL Editor.
Data is Property of Mercedes Benz AG

APIs for Custom 3D Apps

Custom Apps




Unity 3D






Data Reflector


++ Object

  • GameObj
  • Actor

Data Events




Client Efficiency



GPU Access






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