Any Size

Visualize any data size without preprocessing or reduction of its complexity. Based on the specific scenario, the required computations are intelligently distributed between the end-users’ devices and instant3Dhub’s services.

Handle Data of Any Size with 3D Streaming

Get highly interactive experiences for any data and platform. No need for reduction, restructuring or transfer of your data when targetting specific clients or application classes. instant3Dhub utilizes the CPU and GPU resources of your client, server or edge components for optimal results.

3D Streaming

Get a balanced experience with our adaptive client-server solution 

  • Automatic client class matching and resource budgeting

  • Single stream for multi device classes  (VR/stereo, touch, desktop)

  • Automated service orchestration

Smart Visual Computing Platform

Moving from input sensitive to output sensitive for all your apps. 

  • End-to-end solution with global optimization strategy 

  • "Most relevant” parts are streamed for fixed time/memory budget

  • Builds and manages dynamic spatial index structure 

350 million triangles tessellated from CAD data
Data is property of Boeing

From Downloads to Streams

User-experience like in movie-streaming.

  • Zero startup 

  • Unlimited size and time

  • Dynamic error adaption to bandwidth/compute limits  

100 million triangles from 2500 JT data sets
Data is property of Mercedes Benz AG
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