Transform Engineering Collaboration with instant3Dhub

Design, Engineering and Manufacturing: Accelerate your iteration cycles

Reduce waiting times with lightning fast 3D visualization

Use complex CAD instantly on every device.

Dealing with complex CAD data and managing large data sets is challenging. With instant3Dhub, you can visualize these vast data sets instantly, eliminating long waiting times and ensuring smooth, uninterrupted work with your 3D data sets.

Experience seamless end-to-end visualization and review large CAD assemblies without hassle. Forget about time-consuming data preparation. By referencing your data sources instant3Dhub enables you to instantly visualize any 3D data set, freeing you to focus on the relevant aspects of your role.

Boost Utilisation and Accessibility for 3D Data

Deliver 3D information to anyone and work seamlessly on any device, while protecting your data.

Start with our out-of-the-box application, specifically crafted for engineering workflows. Customise the application to your precise needs or easily build a new web-application using our powerful API. With our fully customisable solution, you can tailor your tools to match your exact requirements, making 3D data usable and accessibility for everyone ultimately boosting your productivity.

Plus, instant3Dhub allows you to work on any web-enabled device without the need for installation, providing you with the freedom to access your data from anywhere. Whether you're in the office or working remotely, instant3Dhub ensures a seamless and efficient data utilisation, empowering you to achieve your engineering goals with ease.

Collaborate Effortlessly in-house and across company borders

Streamline your 3D workflows with secure sharing and real-time feedback.

instant3Dhub transforms the way teams collaborate on engineering projects by streamlining the sharing and synchronisation of complex 3D data within a secure, web-based platform. Engage in real-time discussions or iterate asynchronously with markups and annotations, directly in the 3D space. This interactive feedback accelerates feedback loops and development cycles, ensuring focused and efficient work.

Sharing information becomes easy with 3D Spaces. Send easy-to-use URLs and links making collaboration lightweight and fast. Whether in the office or collaborating globally, these links ensure clear and effective communication, keeping everyone aligned and connected without the barriers of distance.

With instant3Dhub's robust security measures, your data and IP remains protected, allowing your team to focus on critical tasks with peace of mind. This secure environment boosts productivity and strengthens collaboration, making discussions of CAD assemblies seamless and efficient.

Engineer with Precision

Use comprehensive DMU features and virtual product development tools.

Unlock the full potential of your engineering projects with instant3Dhub’s powerful analysis tools. Utilize precise features such as measurements, drawing planes and clipping planes within the 3D space to enhance your analytical capabilities. These tools allow for detailed inspections of any CAD data down to the BRep-Description, ensuring accurate digital mock-ups even on large datasets.

Transform your engineering process with instant3Dhub’s advanced tools, designed for maximum efficiency and precision, to revolutionise how you interact with and analyse 3D data in your daily work. Detailed information like in your CAD software, faster than anywhere else.

Maintain High Data Fidelity

Leverage detailed and accurate 3D data along your engineering process.

With instant3Dhub, you harness the full potential of 3D streaming and data virtualisation to ensure the highest data fidelity and precise decision-making. Enjoy detailed information, from BREP to metadata, enabling thorough and accurate data usage across all your projects.

Leverage instant3Dhub’s capability to link addressable data entities, including metadata, geometric, and semantic information. This feature allows users to contextualise business data by linking it with 3D information, enabling the tagging and integration of diverse data sources to transform raw inputs into actionable insights for more informed decision-making.

3D Data Gateways seamlessly integrate with arbitrary data sources simultaneously, ensuring a single source of truth alongside your existing management tools. Benefit from up-to-date information without managing additional data pools, ensuring consistency across processes.

instant3Dhub supports an extensive list of 3D formats and additional data types like IoT and Business Data, all within the same integrated environment. Achieve true interconnectivity and interoperability, enhancing data composability and bringing together diverse information streams from various contexts and workflows. This unified approach facilitates a seamless, efficient process where every piece of data contributes to a comprehensive understanding and innovative solutions.

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