The challenge

Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) faced the challenge to provide fast and reliable visualization of their truck models. The existing solution demanded complex over-night data downloads and conversion processes to provide individual configurations across North America. This process was not only cumbersome and error-prone, it led also to waiting times between 5 to 45 minutes per model for its visualization, if succeeding.

From many minutes to seconds

After a first assessment of instant3Dhub with real-life data, Daimler Truck decided to establish standard access to instant3Dhub across North America to increase their efficiency in the factories across the region. 

By integrating instant3Dhub, Daimler Truck succeeded to reduce the waiting time by almost 99% or 30 seconds to load any assembly structure, instantly. With engineers located across Europe, Mexico, and the US, another fundamental requirement was to offer global access to all users without the need of additional software installations. This access allowed engineers to actively participate in virtual collaborative product reviews. 

The cloud-native and scalable technology of instant3Dhub with its robust APIs has successfully met Daimler Trucks' requirements without the need for any additional data preparation. Being deployed on the Azure public cloud, it offers exceptional configurability, enabling a swift deployment that perfectly aligns with Daimler Truck's infrastructural landscape. 

Moving forward, we have exciting plans for even closer collaborations between Daimler Truck and Threedy. Together, we aim to explore additional application areas for instant3Dub, both internally and in external projects with our valued customers and partners. 

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